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 Shay M. Lopez

           Since I was a young child, I have been compelled to write, to draw, to paint, and to make things with my hands. To this day, I work in many styles, use a multitude of media, and focus on a variety of subjects -- sometimes, no subject at all. I am inspired by an eclectic taste in music, literature, food, and film.  I am a product of the Sonoran Desert. I spent my early adult years in the San Francisco Bay Area, and nearly fourteen years in the mountains of southwest Colorado, before returning to the desert of southern Arizona.  Each of these places have a voice in the colors and textures of my paintings, while my adventures abroad, sojourns into the desert and the mountains, a web of human relationships, and the tangle of experiences I've had along the way, all show up as the bends and twists of my wire sculptures, or the characteristics of my ceramic little people.        

I live and work near Green Valley, Arizona at TINAJA Desert Art Retreat. 



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